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Vintage Clothing, Victorian to 1919 (page 2)

Dee Davenport Howe

146 Bowdoin Street ~ Springfield, Massachusetts 01109 ~ (413) -781-1505

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Teens Era, Armistice Blouse. Very light sheer cotton. Medium size collar , long in front. Collar is trimmed with 1/2 inch crochet lace around the collars edges. Crochet trim down the front opening. 3 Mother of pearl buttons in front for closure and a snap at the bottom. Long narrow sleeves with 3 mother of pearl buttons at the cuffs. Neck to waist 16 inches both back and front. 34 inch bust, 26 inch waist, 14 inches between shoulders. Excellent Condition no flaws that I notice.

cat# DC6484 price $55.00


Close front

Right Side


Left Side


Victorian bodice, this bodice is beautiful and must have taken a long time to put together. The bodice is all 1 inch tucks of dark green wool and black silk. They are all hand sewn even the full length of the sleeves. Long narrow sleeves. The collar on the bodice is missing. Hook closure in front inside. On the outside the bodice buttons half way up from the hem. The buttons are 15 tiny silk covered buttons. The threads holding the buttons on are weak. The lining of the bodice is black silk with 12 stays. This bodice looks like it has never been worn or maybe once. There is one spot of damage on the waist band in back not very noticeable. 4 dot insect holes on the back and 3 on the right sleeve. Otherwise the bodice is in Excellent Condition. 31 inch bust, 22 inch waist.

cat# DC3478 price $95.00










Edwardian Black wool jacket. "V" neck. Decretive built in collar with 3 silk decretive designs with fabric covered buttons 1 on each side in the front and one in the back center. Large log o mutton sleeves. Built in cuffs with 2 fabric covered buttons on each cuff. 5 button closure in front. 4 buttons in the back down near the hem. Very Edwardian style. Jacket is totally lined in Black glazed cotton. About a modern size 6/8. 36 inch bust, 30 inch waist.


cat# DC5885 price $95.00



Close Front

Shoulder seam




Jacket bottom

Titanic Era black silk and lace bodice. The yoke and stand up collar are black lace. The bodice is Black silk with black embroidery around the yoke a V section of black sequins and on the right side going on an angle are 4 black glass buttons with embroidered button holes, just for decoration. Waist band has 4 1 inch tucks , the bottom 2 tucks the fabric looks a different it might have been replace at one time,and the top tuck has a hole in it, I feel the whole waist band should be replace it probably wouldn't be to hard to do. The sleeves are black silk elbow length with black embroidery on the silk cuffs. Also their are 3/4 length sleeves of black lace. The lace sleeves have black sequins and beads. In back of the bodice is a black silk bow with long tails. On the left shoulder are 2 holes in the lace but the lace is lined in black tulle so it s not noticeable. The bodice is lined in black cotton and has 13 stays. This is a beautiful bodice. 16 inches between the shoulders, 38 inch bust, 30 inch waist.

cat# DC6072 price $105.00





Close Front

Right Side

Right Sleeve


Hole in Lace

Left Side

Back bow

Teens Blouse. off white cotton gauze with a tan oval shape and dot print. Elbow length sleeves with turned up cuffs. The cuffs are white cotton gauze with white cotton dot embroidery. The collar is also the same as the cuffs. The shoulder seams are raglan style. The blouse ends at the waist, with a waist band. Blouse snaps down the front., and has a 1/2 inch lace trim down the front. 36/37 inch bust, 328 inch waist and 16 inches from shoulder to hem. Excellent/ Mint Condition.

cat# DC3112 price $55.00




Right Side


Left Side

Edwardian Black silk Bolero Jacket. Wide shoulders puffy sleeve tops , 3/4 sleeves, with turned up cuffs. Black on Black trim swirl designs. Around the out side edges of jacket around neck, down the front and on the cuffs. Jacket is lined in off white silk. Hook front closure. Excellent Condition. The only flaw that I see is wear on the lining in back of the neck, shown in photo. 36 inch bust, 15 inches between shoulders. 14 inches from neck to hem in back and 17 inches from neck to hem in front.

cat# DC6489 Price $95.00 "SOLD"


Close View

Right Side


Left Side



Front Lining


Victorian Brown wool bustle skirt. 9 inch pleated trim at the hem. Skirt is pleated at the waist in back. One button closure. Off white cotton waist band. This skirt has a couple of mend spots and original fabric was used, done by hand nicely, Not very noticeable. In front 4 moth holes almost center about the knee area, and a few tiny holes in the pleating. The lining is tan cotton and is soiled. 27 inch waist, 40 inches long in front 41 inches long in back.

Cat# DC4125 Price $115.00



Beautiful off white/ Ecru sheer gauze blouse. Beautiful lace accents. On the collar, in front center and cuffs. Elbow length sleeves. Shoulders and front have very thin tucks. Buttons in front for decoration. Front snap closures. The blouse has some light underarm staining not that noticeable, The blouse is loose fitting so you dont see the under arm stain. A small hole in front on the left side about 5 inches from the hem. The hole is about the size of a head of a pencil eraser. Beautiful Blouse. 40/42 inch bust, waist is about 40/42 inches. Shoulders 18/ 20 inches across.

cat# DC3847 price $55.00 "SOLD"



Close Front

Right Side



Hole in front

Underarm stain

Under Arm

Edwardian/ Teens Skirt, White on white cotton check. In the front center, 4 inches apart are 2 small tucks that run from the waist to the hem. All around the waist are tucks that run from the waist to the hips. this skirt has 5 button closure in the back. The skirt has 2 tiny holes about the size of the head of a pencil eraser, they are located on the front/side. On the back side just below the hips are 3 pin holes. Otherwise the skirt is in Excellent condition. 24 inch waist and 39 inches from the waist to the hem.

cat# DC4038 price $75.00



Victorian Black silk bodice. This is a beautiful item. Black satin 1 inch stand up collar. Long Coat style sleeves , with 2 pleated cuffs one black silk and the bottom one black satin, they are topped with 1/2 inch black lace trim. Bodice buttons in the front with 17 black buttons that are decorated with tiny black marquisette chips. The bodice is fitted in the waist, down over the hips and comes to a "V" point in the front. The hem is black satin. edged. The back fits down over the back side and comes to tails. On the sides are black satin points. 3 matching buttons to the front. Bust is 32 inches, waist 25 inches. The only flaws I see are The right sleeve has a 1/2 inch slit hole near the underarm. A 2 1/2 inch slit hole in front of the arm hole. On the left side is a 1/4 inch slit hole in front of the arm hole. The bodice is lined in tan polished cotton, has 2 bones on each side in front. Bodice is in Excellent Condition.

cat# DC4001 price $95.00




Left Side

Right Side



1912/14 White on white stripe cotton skirt. "A" line shape with an over skirt. Ankle length. 8 buttons in front, 4 are for closure and 4 are for decoration. 23 inch waist, 38 inches long from the waist to the hem. Excellent to mint Condition.

cat# DC3541 price $85.00


Blouse and skirt.


Edwardian Pink and black waist. Waist has a yoke of off white gauze with lace inserts. and many tiny tucks . The yoke is trimmed 2 ruffles, the ruffles are pale pink on pink stripe gauze with black silk ribbon edges. Long sleeves of light pink stripe gauze with ruffle cuffs that match the trim on the yoke. The rest of the bodice is pale pink gauze with pink on pink stripes. Bodice is lined in off white cotton. Pigeon front and back button closure . There are some light rusty water stains on the off white yoke. 2 tiny holes in the back on the left side near the underarms. The larger hole is about the size of the head of a pencil eraser. The cuffs have light soiling. Missing the high collar. Otherwise the bodice is in good condition. 28 inch bust, 21 inch waist.

SKIRT. Edwardian Pale pink cotton more' skirt. 7 gores, hook closure in back. The waist band in back is damaged. The skirt has 2 flounces at the bottom. The bottom of the skirt hem is frayed from dragging on the bottom of the ground. There are 2 holes in the skirt one is 2 inches long by 3/4 of an inch wide, the other hole is just under the first hole and is very tiny the size of the head of a pencil eraser. Otherwise the skirt is in Excellent Condition. 23 inch waist.


Cat# DC3733 Price $105.00


Close front




Left Side

Damage on Skirt

Left side

Skirt Ruffle

Right Side

Inside blouse


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 Daveda Howe

146 Bowdoin Street ~ Springfield, Massachusetts 01109 ~ (413) -781-1505