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Fine Vintage Clothing and Accessories

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Victorian to 1919 Accessories

Dee Davenport Howe

146 Bowdoin Street ~ Springfield, Massachusetts 01109 ~ (413) -781-1505



Gorgeous Victorian/ Edwardian. Fur muff, medium brown, The muff . Is the type that folds in half and has a little pocket for personal items on the inside. When you unfold the muff it has the most wonderful lining. It's a dark olive/ gold color silk. with ruche around the outside edges and at the top of the pocket. Wonderful muff. Excellent condition. Some slight wear on the fur near the opening where the hands go in also some soiling in same places. some minor soiling on the ruche , Otherwise no other flaws that I notice. The silk is perfect. when open 24 X 14 inches, When closed 12 X 14.

cat# DA5761 price $85.00 "SOLD"




Close inside


Opening for hands


Early Victorian off white 1850s/60 Gorgeous Tulle shoulder cape. 3 tiers on shoulders and back. down to elbows. In front past the hips. The cape is decorated with hand embroidered flowers and leaves, beautifully done. 5 very small holes in the tulle on the left front as shown in photo. 12 inches long in back from neck to bottom hem, The sides are 16 inches long and in front 27 inches long. The only flaws that I see are the 5 holes. Otherwise it's in beautiful condition.

cat# DA6459 price $105.00 "SOLD"


Close Front

Right Side


Left side



Victorian , Edwardian. Barrel style muff. Seal/ or beaver fur out side , and black silk inside. From opening to opening across the front is 13 inches. From top to bottom in front is 16 inches or around the muff is total 32 inches . Its a large muff. On the ends where the hands slip in The out side on each side is 2 inch silk ruffle and gathers and tucks on the inside all black silk. Beautiful Historic item. On the right side is a black wooden ring 9 inches around. Almost mint a couple of minor flaws that are not noticeable , Just a couple of the flaws on the ends of the muff, a couple dot imperfection in the fur. No one will ever see them they are so small. Beautiful piece of history.Almost mint condition

cat# DA6562 price $55.00 "SOLD"



Left Side



Right side

Teens era, Fur scarf. Very poular in the Early teens to the early 1920s. I am not sure what the fur is. Could be Rabbit. The fur is off white and is very curly from to to bottom. Very soft. Lined in a light tan silk. The fur is slightly soiled from storage. no damage. The Lining has a few flaes where the fur has worn. Otherwise great condition for the age. 6 inches wide 48 inches long.

cat# DA5834 price $45.00 "SOLD"


Right Side

Left Side


Broken spots on Lining.

Victorian Black silk purse. The purse is decorated with tiny metal beads in a flowers design and along the edges and has a tassel at the bottom that is made of same metal beads. The purse is lined in pink silk at the top, The lower part of the lining is pink cotton. The pink silk at the top is shattered. Out side black silk is in excellent condition. It has a black velvet draw string closure. Purse is 7 inches wide and 9 1/2 inches long not counting the tassel.


cat# DA5362 price $75.00



Close up



Inside Top


Victorian Black silk faille cape, trimmed on the outside edges and the stand up collar with 1 1/2 inch silk cord design. Large black silk bow in front of the waist. 2 inch black silk ribbon joins the waist between front and back on the sides. The front of the cape comes to about knee length with 4 inch lace trim at the hem. The shoulders above the bust to the mid back have jet beads decoration of butterflies and other beads designs. over the shoulders is a black silk cord mesh design, that is trimmed on the hem with 4 inch hand tied silk tassels. Cape is fully lined in black silk and hook closure in front. Great cape. The cord trim on the collar and outside edges of the cape is showing signs of wear. Otherwise the cape is in Excellent Condition. Waist 26 inches bust 34 inches

cat# DC3846 price $85.00 "SOLD"




Lower Front

Right Side


Left Side

Back Lining

Front Lining

Teens. Dark brown sheered Beaver collar. Very popular in The teens around WW1. It has a snap closure in front or an opening on the left side so you can slide one side into the other. 39 inches long. 4 1/2 inches wide. Lined in brown silk. A few minor flaws or wear in the fur otherwise Excellent Condition.


cat# DA4557 price $45.00



Front Closure

Right Side


Left Side


Titanic Era Black silk evening purse. One silk faille strap. The purse is 5 1/2 X 5 inches. Has jet bead design on the front and Jet bead fringe at the bottom. One fringe is missing and another one is loose . Otherwise the purse is in Excellent Condition.

cat# DA4544 price $55.00


Mid Victorian, Folding parasol. Black cotton cover with scalloped edges. Large black silk bow on the top. Bone tips on the tips of the folding frame. 2 tone brown Bamboo handle, with a brass sleeve that covers the folding joint. The brass sleeve is painted black and has a swirl design. Excellent working condition. No holes or stains. 29 inches long

cat# DA3981 price $85.00



Side view

Bone Tips






Victorian , Edwardian Black velvet purse. One black velvet strap, The top part of the purse is a half-moon shape. and covered with tiny navy glass beads and the top center is a design of diamond shapes of navy beads with clear glass beads. silver 2 clasp small ball shape closures. the bottom of the purse is gathered around a small velvet circle. Purse is lined in a light green silky fabric with 2 small gathered pockets one on each side. Flaws. The tiny section on the top of the beads near clasp have a few beads missing, on the front where the clasps are. on the back of the purse on the right side a few beads are missing on both back and front. the velvet handle/ strap the velvet is worn some not noticeable. otherwise excellent condition. Great little purse. 8 inches long, 7 inches wide.

cat# DA6692 price $45.00 "NEW"





Full view


Back missing beads

 Daveda Howe

146 Bowdoin Street ~ Springfield, Massachusetts 01109 ~ (413) -781-1505