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Vintage Photos (page 1)

Dee Davenport Howe

146 Bowdoin Street ~ Springfield, Massachusetts 01109 ~ (413) -781-1505


Here are 2 Edwardian photo's of the same young women. She is wearing a beautiful Edwardian dress and holding flowers. Photo 2 Again the same young women is sitting with her mom and 2 sister, I am guessing. and she is holding a rolled up paper probably her diploma. Note the blouse she is wearing is the same blouse in each photo but the skirt is different in the family photo. Great photo's . The photos are on a mat The photo's are 5 1/2 X 4 inches with out the mat and 6 X 9 with the mat. Excellent Condition.

cat# photo 1 price $25.00


A great family photo from the early teens. looks like Mom, Dad and daughter sitting on the porch steps. 6X8 inches Excellent Condition.

cat# photo 2 price $9.00



Beautiful photo of mother and son. Mom's dress is gorgeous. 4 X 6 Excellent Condition.

cat# photo 3 price $9.00

1920's young woman . With fur stole and wonderful hat. Post card style photo in an oval. 5 1/2 X 3 1/2 inches. Excellent Condition.

cat# photo 4 price $9.00


Edwardian couple, beautiful lawn blouse and gibson hair style. 6 x 9. Excellent condition.

cat# photo 5 price $9.00

1940's Beautiful Lady wearing fur coat and hat. 5 X 7. Excellent Condition.

cat# photo 6 price $10.00


1943 Wedding photo with wedding party. Date on back is June 26th 1943. This photo has the same couple as the above photo. 8X10 Excellent Condition.

cat# photo 7 price $10.00

Edwardian photo of a young Woman. wearing a white lawn gown. Mat is 11 X 7 in, photo is 3 X 7 in. Beautiful example of Edwardian hair style and gown. Top corners a tiny bit bent. Bottom left corner has 2 bends and the tip of the corner is missing Otherwise Excellent Condition.

cat# photo 8 price $9.00


Edwardian Lady, 4 X 6 1/2. great outfit. Excellent Condition.

cat# photo 9 price $9.00

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 Daveda Howe

146 Bowdoin Street ~ Springfield, Massachusetts 01109 ~ (413) -781-1505