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Vintage Magazines

Dee Davenport Howe

146 Bowdoin Street ~ Springfield, Massachusetts 01109 ~ (413) -781-1505

#1) McCall's Needlework and crafts , Spring and summer 1951 , 112 pages. Articles, About small children's clothing, Play time and Party . New women's hat shapes and styles, Things children can make, reviving an old art Painting on glass, Women's hint exchange you write in and give personal hint or ask questions and others answer them. The art of hook rugs. Knit patterns for toddlers and beautiful ladies hats, tops, purses, dresses and skirts. , crochet patterns for trim. Lots of great info. . Excellent Condition. $25.00


#2) Needle Craft Magazine , September 1926, 38 pages, Beautiful fashions, great ads. Article on making old things new via the dye-pot. Tie-dyeing items like curtains., so the 70's weren't the first. Pattern for tatted trim, Cross stitch ideas, Man's knitted cardigan coat pattern, Easy Stitcheries for little fingers . Pattern for 3 piece set for buffet or bureau, Silhouettes cross stitch patterns. Many or patterns and ideas . Mint Condition Price $30.00

#3) Woman's Day Magazine August 1947. 104 pages. How to section. Pineapple crochet, Braided rugs, Indian part favors. Peaches, How to can, Freeze, Pickled, Peach butter, All about peaches. How to trim your little boys hair. Summer desserts prize winning recipes. Short stories. Excellent Condition $10.00

#4) Modern Needle craft Magazine , Spring Summers 1950, 96 pages, Wonderful ads, lots of Knitting projects. - Hats Sweaters, baby things, gift items. . Pages with adds for dress patterns great styles. Excellent condition. $15.00 .


#5) Modern Homemaking. 31 pages. September 1927. Article on stocking your shelves for winter, Eating For Happiness, House without a Cellar, Embroidered Linens of Individual Charm, The Homemaker, 3 Old fashioned Patchwork Quilt Patterns. Very nice late 1920's fashions and some great ads. News paper style magazine. a little rough around the edges and age spots but still very readable tan color than white but very useable, no holes or missing pages. $15.00.


#6) McCall's Needlework Knitting- Crochet- Home Decorating. 104 pages. Winter 1948/49. Beautiful style 1940's crochet hats and Snoods patterns, Children's knit clothing patterns. Wonderful 1940's knit dresses, bolero jackets, sweaters. Crochet and bead purse patterns, Candlewick Rug pattern. Crochet, place mats and Doily patterns. Popcorn bedspread pattern. More patterns than I can list. Excellent condition. Great magazine $25.00


#7) Needle craft magazine July 1928 , 30 pages. Article on making envelope purses, Dainty crochet edging for many uses, The modern Bathroom in 1928, Beautiful 1920's fashions, Lessons in embroidery for beginners, Food facts for the home folks. Crochet 3 piece Chair set Butterfly design. mint condition.$30.00


#8 ) DEMOREST'S Family Magazine July 1891. 72 pages, Wonderful ads, great fashions for adults and children. Article a Summer outdoor sports. Great reading and fun to look at. Front Cover is loose otherwise it's in EXCELLENT CONDITION . $25.00


#9) MODERN PRICILLA , Needlework- Fashions- Fiction- Housekeeping. October 1922 . 77 pages. Wonderful fashions. Beautiful cross stitch designs for purses and bags. Chic Knitted Garments for Kiddies. Envelope gifts for Christmas. Smart embroidered blouses and accessories pattern designs. New Recipes for Pineapple, October Recipes, Practical Diet Lists for Children. Wonderful ads. This magazine has a few problems both bottom corners were chewed by a mouse or something , front cover is loose and missing a 1/4 of the back cover otherwise it's in excellent condition.$20.00


#10) NEEDLECRAFT the Home Art Magazine April 1932 26 pages. Some great full page ads. Matching knitted patterns for brother and sister, Hand bags for varied Uses. Article on Outfitting the infant with directions . Quilted Appointments for a Girls Room w also with directions, Needle Crafters Own Page patterns included. Quick Hot Breads for Spring Breakfasts. Beautiful dress fashions from the 30's. Much more. Excellent Condition. Price $20.00


#11) PETERSON'S Magazine . July 1888. 100 pages, Great ads, Beautiful fashions, article and Embroidery patterns "Article How a great English Noble lives ". Craft Ideas, Watch pocket, Wall pocket Scented Cushion for linen press. A little rough around the edges Excellent condition, $35.00


#12) Peterson's Magazine --August 1888 . 104 pages, Embroidery design for slippers, Great fashions, wonderful old ads. Design for portiere, Lamp shade, Short story's. A little rough around the edges otherwise Excellent condition. $35.00


#13) McCall's Needlework & Crafts. Winter 1957/ 58. 136 Pages. Article and patterns for Crochet, Knitted and Tatted little round Doilies. Beautiful designs. Article on RUGS to make in a variety of ways,Article and patterns Making Gifts for Christmas,Articles on making gifts of toys , Decorations, Beautiful Knit Carriage Wear for baby. Great sweater sets. Patterns for knitted hats, gloves, socks . Many patterns for knitted ladies and men's sweaters. Beautiful designs. Excellent condition.$25.00


#14) NEEDLECRAFT one Magazine of home Arts. August 1929, 30 pages. Article on A Picturesque Sampler of the Modern type., pattern on page 12 Needle case for your sewing basket. Pattern for crochet border around your doilies. Recipes for Cornmeal sticks, Fruited Cottage Pudding, Rice Flaked Macaroons and more. Great menus for everyday starting with breakfast for the warmest months. Old time Patchwork Done in a modern way. Beautiful Porch Pillows. Pattern for A Triangular Insert in Lace- Stitch and filet- crochet. Article on Romance and Embroidery. Modernism in Decorative Stitchery. Cool deco buildings. Excellent Condition. $20.00


#15) PICTORIAL REVIEW May 1928 124 pages Article . What are the young people coming to? ( The College crowd expresses the point of view of the younger generation). Old world way of cooking liver. Plans for a cottage of Homelike Simplicity, Article On Keep youth grace and charm by intelligent care of the body, Article on salads, Women's and children's fashions of the late 20's. Also short stories and great full page color ads of products still sold today. great fun to read and to look at $35.00 Excellent Condition.


#16) Fashion World. , December 1901, 29 pages. Many Wonderful fashions, hair styles. Article on The Art of dress making. Great ads, The magazine is in news print style. Some pages are torn or missing corners or loose and some have dirt smudges, it's fun reading and looking. $25.00 Poor Condition.


#17) Ladies Home Journal August 1938. So much fun reading and ads, 86 pages. Articles, How Long do your stockings wear, Tricks of the trade with new hats and old. The Gardener Relaxes, What do the women of America think about drinking, Something Hot and Something cold recipe's. Knickknacks for the bride. wonderful 30's fashions. More and more to look at and read. Excellent condition Price $30.00.


#18) Needle Craft Magazine November 1925 ,38 pages, many many fashions, great ads. Articles, Pattern for ladies embroidered hat, Pattern for man's knitted sweater, Crochet patterns for napkin corners, Items for Christmas, Pattern for Easy Dress for a Beginner, Patterns for Bags of many styles and Every purpose, Items to make for Bazaar, Food dishes for November, That looks like fun. Excellent/ mint Condition. $30.00


#19) McCall's Needlework and Crafts. Fall/winter 1961/62. 152 pages. A small Christmas tree you can make with lath or dowels, to use to displaying items you are selling at a Bazaar. knit baby sweater set patterns, Knit patterns for the whole family, wonderful dresses and sweaters. Cross- stitch patterns . patterns for tin cans for zany toys. Excellent condition. $11.00


#20) The Modern Pricilla-February 1917. 62 page. Wonderful adds. Pattern Bobbin lace for Handkerchiefs or doilies. Pattern for I Irish crochet bag, Centerpiece and Doily in Hardanger. Pattern for 2 interesting circular netting doilies. Embroidery for Lingerie Blouses. Wonderful 1917 fashions. Pattern for Luncheon Set in Italian Embroidery. Patterns for interesting Crochet Fringes another reminder of Colonial Days. A pattern for the most wonderful new wrist bag the return of the Irish crochet, tassels and all. Beautiful tatting trim for wearing apparel. . So many beautiful patterns I can't even begin to tell you. Excellent condition. $30.00


#21) TO-DAY's MAGAZINE February 1910 top cover missing . 79 pages. Beautiful engraved ads. Wonderful 1910 ladies fashions. Some popular Recipes for February. New attractive Fancy Work. Great children's fashions. The Funny side of life. Stories to fallow. Adds for furniture and house hold goods. Beautiful embroidery transfer ideas a lot more.$28.00


#22) McCall's Needlework and crafts Magazine . Fall winter 1958-59. 136 pages. Wonderful articles and and ideas. Mosaic trays from linoleum, Coffee can grillwork wall hangings and more,Patterns for Crochet throw pillows,Lots of ideas for crafts for house hold decorating. Knitting patterns for sweaters for men and women. Beautiful knit patterns for women's suit . Excellent Condition.$25.00.



#23) McCall's Needlework & craft Spring Fall 1961. Articles , Stamp crafts for children,gives directions and supply list. pottery from old molds. Tissue paper painting, knit patterns for toys, Wonderful knit patterns for the whole family. Some wonderful knit patterns for dresses and wedding gown. Great ideas for crafts to bring nature into your home. . Excellent condition. $25.00.


(#24) MODERN PRICILLA, June 1908, 33 pages, Furnishing ideas, Making place cards for luncheons or teas, article on how to make a belt, ideas on embroidering a waist belt, wonderful fashions from 1908, summer styles in embroidered lingerie. great adds. Excellent condition $16.00


#25) McCall's Needlework + Crafts. Spring- Summer 1965, 168 page . Craft patterns for accents for a room. , living room, kitchen Pocket pet patterns for kids. Great knit patterns for women's dresses and suits, coats amazing. Photo's of items people have made and sent it. Fun crafts for children. Excellent / mint condition . $15.00


#26) Needle craft Magazine December 1928. 38 pages. Great adds, Beautiful fashions to look at. Ideas for Christmas gifts, embroidered pot holders, Patterns for needle work gifts. Article Home decoration labor saving gifts. Food facts for home folks on holidays. Aprons for two and tots. Dolls from the scrap bag. Crochet pattern for center of table. Simple elegance about cut work towels. Excellent condition. $25.00.


(#27) HEARTH and HOME January 1929, 30 pages. News print style magazine fragile around the edges .2 babies in a bunting on the cover with a Happy New Year tag. Magazine is from Augusta Main. First page has statement with the Editor the year ahead. Mutual Benefit Society, like a chat room. Some crochet patterns on page 8 and 9, Great ads , also fun stories to read, some fashions, Good condition. $9.00


#28) The Illustrated London News. 32 pages. January 2, 1954. Wonderful photo's. Articles, Himalayan Bears and our Forbears, Anti- aircraft Defense By Guided Missile, Queen Elizabeth 11 visit to Queen Salote of tango, Christmas Eve Railway Disaster in New Zealand, Old style Cambodian Wedding. Newly found palace of Prince Xerxes at Persepolis and sculptures which the architects rejected. Many more news stories with beautiful photo's. $20.00


#29) Needle craft Magazine . December 1925 - 38 pages Recipes for Christmas Cookies. Embroidered gifts for friends. Knit pattern for bunny slippers for a gifts. Burlap embroidered hand bags, Surprises for the Christmas table decorating with foods. Article on making and fitting dresses. Beautiful fashions to look at. Beautiful gifts to make . Reed lamp and how to make them. excellent. condition. $25.00


(#30) The Modern Pricilla , February 1916 , 62 pages. Article on Earning Money at Home. Pattern for Maltese Crochet for bags and house hold linens. Patterns for crochet of hats, collars, and cuffs. patterns Crochet with embroidery for baby. Nice article on Interesting old Samplers. Beautiful 1916 fashions. Pattern for Irish crochet waist Garniture. Pattern for Arts and craft Lanterns . Many more wonderful patterns and ideas if you like the Teens era. Excellent Condition. $30.00.


(#31) Health and Home , March 1929 Augusta Maine. 37 pages, articles,Useful Fancy work,. Lots of ads, A few late 20's fashions, 2 stories, Mutual Benefit Society, like a chat room. News paper like magazine. brown around the edges, very readable. Back cover in poor condition, the rest in Good condition $9.00


(#32) Berth Robert Catalogue, April, May, June 1934, 24 pages, Lots of late 30's fashions, Every pages has clothing, description and prices . Wonderful 30's styles. The top right hand corner has damage 3 inches down and one inch wide to a 1/2 inch wide, this is on every page and both covers. in most cases the fashions are not a part of it. Great catalogue. $15.00.


(#33) Health and Home , August / September 1932 Augusta Maine. 15 pages, articles,Useful Fancy work. Lots of ads, A few 30's fashions, 2 stories, Mutual Benefit Society, like a chat room. News paper like magazine. brown around the edges, very readable. Excellent condition $9.00

#34) Needlecraft The Home Arts Magazine. June 1933. 26 pages. Articals, Table Appointments for the June brids. knitted pattern Child and doll matching sweaters. Trousseau linens, Embroidered bed spreads for small Budgets. Colorful Cushions, Needlecrafts own page ( Directions for Crochet, Knitted lace, Tatting, Crochet edging, Food Facts for Home Folks. A week of Food in June, a Nest of Casseroles for supper. , Directions for Chair - sets in Hardanger Embroidery. Jurior Needlecratfs, 1930s Clothing for the juniors, Clothing/ fashions for the 1930s ladies. Top cove has damage on both front corners, not that bad Otherwishe magazine is in Excellent Condition. Great fun to read. $25.00 "NEW"


(#35) Better Homes and Gardens. December 1967. 122 pages. It's the Christmas issue Foods, Table settings, Decorations, toys, Games, Gifts, Crafts. Gift wrapping ideas. All from the 1960's Excellent condition. $12.00


(#36) Health and Home 23 pages. November 1932. Articles Mutual Benefit Society - here all magazine readers are welcome to put in any subject for round table discussions. With the Editor talking about how people are saying that there is nothing to be thankful for at thanksgiving, Useful Fancy work Patterns Crochets , tatting, quilting. Some personal ads, Some nice fashions from 1932. Stories to read and Wonderful advertisements. News paper style magazine. a little rough around the edges and age spots but still very readable $15.00


(#37) McCall's Needlework and Crafts. Spring and summer 1969. 200 pages. Nostalgia Victorian bead work , on small purses and pillows, wall pockets. Beautiful rare old rosette bedspread crochet pattern, Victorian, cross stitch afghan pattern . Knitting and crochet patterns for children's toys and doll clothes. crochet hats for spring. Beautiful crochet and knitting patterns for evening and day wear. Excellent condition. $20.00


(#38) Health and Home. 19 pages. January 1932. Editors comments about the last year. Songs requested, Stories to read, Useful Fancy Work patterns Crochets , tatting, quilting. Mutual Benefit Society Round Table. Nice 1930's fashions. Some personal ads and Wonderful large advertisements. News paper style magazine. a little rough around the edges and age spots but still very readable no holes or pages missing. $15.00


(#39) PETERSON'S LADIES MAGAZINE. October 1883, 71 pages. Wonderful Fashions, crafts, stories, music, wonderful old ads and a pattern for a walking coat with embroidery. Excellent condition $35.00


(#40) Peterson's Ladies National Magazine. March 1883. 80 pages, Many Wonderful fashion engravings from the 1880's,Embroidery patterns, needlepoint pattern hunting design. Articles such as, A century of female novelist, with bio's on each novelist. A few stories to read, Article on Everyday dresses, and article on Frocks for girls of eight, Window curtains with embroidered Borders, Some nice ads. Has both covers the covers have wear and chipped edges otherwise the magazine is in Excellent condition. $35.00


(#41) NEEDLECRAFT Magazine . October 1925, 42 pages . Crochet pattern for Scarf-end in Marguerite Design, Crochet patterns for all lace sets for buffets or bureau, cut work for dining-room linens. More crochet patterns beautiful designs, The art of Bronzing Leaf sprays, seed-pods and grasses, Patterns for child's dress, Large Campbell's soup ad, Design for children's school bags, Knitting patterns for baby booties, and hats, Embroidered designs for baby bibs, lots more to look at. Mint Condition $35.00


(#42) McCall's Needlework and crafts, Winter 1962/63 , 168 pages, Beautiful knitting patterns for Jackie Kennedy style dresses, jumpers, sweaters and coats, women's suits pages and pages of patterns. Also children's clothing, Men's, pill box hats, Baby sweater sets, Doll outfits Christmas crafts, embroidery and hook rug patterns for house hold items, Great magazine, lots of fun things to make. Excellent condition. $25.00.


(#43) Wards Specials for Spring and Summer 1934 small catalog, 63 pages, Great items wonderful prices dresses for 97 cents, shoes $1.49, Blouses for 79 cents, skirts for $1.39 Cotton bedspreads $1.29, Curtains .39 cents a pair , Fabrics for 12 cents a yard, men's suits $11.95, Shirts for 74 cents. Fun to looks at Excellent condition. price $20.00


(#44) Peterson's Magazine October 1888, 93 pages, wonderful old ads, Great Fashions. Crafts, short stories, very nice engravings. Every Victorian minded woman should own a copy . Excellent condition. Price $35.00


(#45) McCall's Needlework Magazine. Spring and Summer 1950's.112 pages. Knitting patterns for blouses, purses, sweaters and vest for women. Crochet patterns for place mats, Chair sets, doily's, table cloths. Beautiful 1950's dress pattern for knitting. Excellent condition. $20.00

 Daveda Howe

146 Bowdoin Street ~ Springfield, Massachusetts 01109 ~ (413) -781-1505