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Dee Davenport Howe

146 Bowdoin Street ~ Springfield, Massachusetts 01109 ~ (413) -781-1505



1950's Light Salmon color crochet gloves. Hand crochet , flared cuffs Great gloves a size 6 1/2.

cat# DA5861 price $20.00




1960's White kid gloves made in Italy. "NEW" Modern size 6 Stamped inside 7 1/2 they are just above wrist length.

cat# DA5226 price $28.00



Close Front


1930's White cotton gloves just under the elbow length. All hand detailed. The cuff is folded over on the ends, buttoned on the outside with a fabric covered button. The cuff button on the right has a little rust on it. About a modern size 7. Excellent Condition.

cat# DA5981 price $35.00 ( White gloves) "SOLD"

 Cat# DA5982 price $35.00 ( Navy gloves)

Close cuff


Navy Cuff

1960's White cotton gloves. On the back of the gloves are off white embroidered flowers and leaves. Gloves are mid to elbow length. Only flaw I see is a dot stain on one finger see photo. Size 6 and in Excellent Condition.


Cat# DA5436 price $18.00

Close Designs


a Dot Stain

1930's White rayon gloves with red accents. Some small smudges on the white fingers not very noticeable. Label Max Mayer Made In Germany Excellent Condition.

cat# DC6434 price $25.00





1960's White cotton gloves , just below elbow length. 5 swirl designs on the back of the hands up to the cuffs. Hand details on finger tips, On the right hand the first 2 fingers have a light gray smudge . Size 7. Mint Condition.

cat# DA6302 price $25.00



Close Details


Gorgeous 1960's Long white gloves, polyester blend, above elbow length. 3 pearl buttons at wrist. Size 5. Excellent Condition.

cat# DA5810 price $25.00





1950's Black cotton gloves. Above the wrist length. Braided trim around the wrist. Size 6. Excellent Condition.

cat# DA5783 price $18.00





1940's/50's Beautiful Black kid gloves, 3 inches above the wrist length. Leather is very soft. Size 6 1/2/ 7. Excellent Condition.

cat# DA6531 price $25.00






1960's Off white short kid gloves size 6 1/2 New Condition.

cat#DA5778 price $15.00





1960's Off white lace gloves, wrist length. Size 6 / 7. Fabric stretches. Mint Condition.

cat# DA5779 price $15.00




1912/ 1913's 2 pair Dead stock gloves. tan cotton gloves, very Early teens style. Middle of the forearm length, with a folded over wing look. about a size 5. tag says size 6. They are smaller than a size 6. Excellent condition.

cat# DA3782/ DA3783 price $45.00 each







1940's Long black kid gloves. Just below the elbow length. Lined in white rayon. Looks like worn maybe once. Photo shows black spot on left glove finger , the spot is not there it's a trick of the camera. Label Van Roalte Size 7. Excellent Condition.


cat# DA6532 price $35.00




1960's Yellow cotton polyester gloves. Just below the elbow length. Elastic on the inside of the wrist. Size 7/ 7 1/2. . Excellent / mint Condition.


cat# DA6303 price $22.00



 Daveda Howe

146 Bowdoin Street ~ Springfield, Massachusetts 01109 ~ (413) -781-1505