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Dee Davenport Howe

146 Bowdoin Street ~ Springfield, Massachusetts 01109 ~ (413) -519-6409




  The Complete Book of sewing. By Constance Talbot. Copyright 1943. This is a book on sewing made easy--Sewing made fun! It is based on Time saving ideas. Over 759 Explanatory Pictures. Easy Directions for Beginners and Advanced Instructions for Experts. Contens . Short cuts in Making and Altering clothing and sewing for the home, including detailed diagrammatic instructions for making economical dresses, suits, negligees, jackets, etc as well as curtain, slip- covers, lamp- shades, trimmings and dozens of other personal and house hold accessories. Every step in sewing described and illustrated, including embroidery, quilting and smocking. With a reference index of over 2000 items. The dust cover is damaged the book its self is in Excellent Condition. 319 pages.

cat# Book #1 price $45.00


  "SHOES" : A Lexicon of Styles by Valerie Steele. How many pairs of shoes do you own? demands Valerie Steele in the engaging text of Shoes. No matter how many pairs you have , no matter how closely you follow the trends, you are bound to discover something new in this fascinating and irreverent look at contemporary women's shoes. This chic book taps into the obsession, the fetish, and the fashion of shoes, from the pump to the sneaker, the boot to the stiletto, shoe enthusiasts everywhere can finally come out of the closet and indulge in this lushly illustrated volume devoted completely to the meaning of modern foot wear. 192 pages. "NEW"

cat# Book #2 price $25.00.


 Modern Pricilla Home Furnishings. By Pricilla publishing Company. published 1925. All about things to do in your home, making drapes, slip covers, braided rugs, selecting furniture all sorts of home ideas. Great book for the 1920's home owner.

cat# Book#3 price $25.00


Short- cuts to Sewing success, Fully Illustrated. 76 pages. Has wear on the soft covers. inside is like brand new. copyright date on the book is 1940. Some of the subjects are , How to cut, fit and adjust, How to set in sleeves, How to make worked and bound button holes, How to inset slide fasteners and zippers. How to tailor a coat, And countless other helps. The book was prepared By Dubarry patterns for the F.W.Woolworths Co. Excellent Condition.

cat# BOOK#4 price $20.00




Back Cover

Clarks Designs for gifts By Frances A Harris. 23 pages, of crochet lace gifts from Tea cozy's , Night caps and matching yokes for night gowns, Motor hat veil, night gown cases. Copyright 1920's Excellent Condition.

cat# BOOKS # 5 price $25.00



 Sewing Made Easy By Mary Lynch and Dorthy Sara Garden City Books, Garden city New York. The year 1950 402 pages. Some of the contens is Buying your patterns, choosing your fabric, How to fit and alter your patterns, Basting, Darts , tucks and pleats, Putting your dress together, Tailoring tricks, How to be your own stylist, You and your own accessories, Remodeling your clothing, Decorative stitches, Clothes for expectant mothers, Accessories and gifts you can make, Tailoring suits, coats and jackets, and lots more. Nice detail drawings. Great 1950's clothing ideas. Excellent Condition.

cat# BOOK #11price $25.00




" The Sweater Book " American Thread Company. Hand Kit Fashions . 30 pages. Great styles from 1940's. Good condition .

cat# Book 6 price $18.00




 Needlecraft From the Library of Work and Play. Copyright 1911. Contens What you should have in your work box, Sewing on buttons, Basting, Darning. Back stitching, over casting, creasing, Hemming, French hemming, hooks and eyes. Gathering, sewing on bands, Doll's skirts , Making button holes, A lesson in Stenciling, What can be done with skins, Tooled Leather and tools, Embroidery, chain stitching, herring boning, cross stitch, soutache, smocking, These are just a few things in this children's book. Lots of Illustrations and drawings. The binding and cover are loose. Otherwise the book is in Excellent Condition.

cat# Book #12 price $35.00





Our Home Year 1899. 616 pages. Al sorts of good information on running a home. Contens, Origin of the family, Nature of home, Influences of Home, Childhood, Home Training, Rewards and Punishments, Amusements for the home, Joys of home, Education of Girls, Education of Boys, Books for the home, Music in the Home, Sunday at home, Rules of Conduct, Manners at home, Family Secrets, Hygiene and sanitation, Children Leaving the home, Bereavement in the home, Homeless Orphans So many interesting things to read about the home in 1899.

 cat# BOOK 10 price $28.00



New Delineator Recipes, copyright 1929. Book is 5X8 inches 222 pages of great recipes. Covers have wear they are intact. The inside is in great condition a few photo's. page 101 has a few (4) spot stains, the same on 102, page 103 has spot stains and torn at the bottom The same on 104, A couple of stains here and there otherwise the book is in Excellent Condition.

cat# Book 7 price $22.00






Mary Lamb Bags and accessories. 16 patterns including Hand bags, hat, mittens, sweaters, Wonderful 40's hats and hand bags. Good Condition.

cat# BOOK # 8 price.$25.00


"New Crochet & tatting Designs In Caps, Collars and Jabots" I can't see a copyright date , the styles are early to mid 1920's.. 15 pages, excellent Condition.

cat# BOOK # 9 price.$35.00



 Daveda Howe

146 Bowdoin Street ~ Springfield, Massachusetts 01109 ~ (413) -519-6409